“Silent Night”: Trailer, Cast, and All the Information We Know About John Woo’s Holiday Action Film

“Silent Night”: Trailer, Cast, and All the Information We Know About John Woo’s Holiday Action Film

A family is caught off guard by gunshots on Christmas Eve as two automobiles engage in a violent gang brawl.

After being wounded in the neck, the father loses his voice and, worse, his cherished son.

The movie features no language, making it the perfect example of action speaking louder than words. And nothing is more sympathetic than a parent who has lost a kid and is now reviled.

Here is all we currently know to persuade you to see the upcoming Christmas film, in case that excitement alone isn’t enough to get you excited.

"Silent Night": Trailer, Cast, and All the Information We Know About John Woo's Holiday Action Film
“Silent Night”: Trailer, Cast, and All the Information We Know About John Woo’s Holiday Action Film

When Will “Silent Night” Be Released?
Joel Kinnaman’s silent night is a social feature.courtesy of Lionsgate
As early as December 1, 2023, ecstatic fans may celebrate Silent Night and the start of the Christmas season.

Where Is “Silent Night” Available to Watch?

On December 1, only Silent Night will be available in theatres. It will open against Beyoncé’s concert film Renaissance, Jeff Nichols’ crime drama The Bikeriders, which stars Jodie Comer, Austin Butler, and Tom Hardy, and William Oldroyd’s psychological drama Eileen, which stars Anne Hathaway and Thomasin McKenzie.

Is There a “Silent Night” Trailer?

On October 3, 2023, Lionsgate posted the official trailer for Silent Night on YouTube. Prior to Saw X screenings, the trailer was only shown in theatres.

The trailer begins with the well-known Christmas classic “Carol of the Bells,” playing, and a vicious guy jogging while wearing a little bell around his neck on a chain.

There appears to be a flashback to the scenario where the guy is pedalling his son on a bicycle around Christmas, right before a flurry of gunshots and smashing automobiles appear.

Cut to a startling scene when a guy with a heavily wounded neck is taken through a hospital on a stretcher while his mother hugs her dying son.


The guy groans into a mirror, unable to speak as the abrupt stillness slips in, interrupted only by the monitors of heartbeats. You must be feeling a sense of revenge creep in at this time, sweating palms and on the edge of your seat.

Why is ‘Silent Night’ Called That?

In Silent Night, Joel Kinnaman may be seen gazing at himself in a mirror.courtesy of Lionsgate
The official Silent Night summary is as follows:

This grim tale of retribution, narrated by the iconic director John Woo and produced by John Wick, centres on the tortured father (Joel Kinnaman), who watches his small son perish on Christmas Eve after being caught in a gang’s crossfire.

He decides to make revenge his life’s work and starts a strenuous training programme to exact revenge on those who killed his kid, all the while healing from a wound that has cost him his voice. With visceral, exhilarating narrative, Silent Night redefines the action genre while retaining Woo’s distinctive flair.

Starring in “Silent Night” is who?

Joel Kinnaman in the Silent Night picture courtesy of Lionsgate
Godlock is portrayed by Joel Kinnaman (For All Mankind) as a traumatised and troubled parent. Overcome with grief and driven by a desire for revenge, he plans to face the offenders on Christmas Eve and exact his own kind of justice.

In an interview with Collider, producer Erica Lee, who also oversaw the John Wick film series, likened Kinnaman’s work ethic to that of Keanu Reeves.

It sounds really operatic. It has a lot of John Woo vibes. Joel Kinnaman is a lot like Keanu in that he puts in a lot of effort, so we’re incredibly blessed to have him as a colleague.

On his days off, he worked at 87Eleven. Before he ever received this part, he was an 87Eleven.

Thus, there are many similarities in that he is the one performing the labour. In terms of setting, it’s a little more realistic than Wick or anything like.

East LA is the setting. There is a thrilling vehicle chase. I won’t give too much away, but there’s this very fascinating stuff.”

In the film, Scott Mescudi—best known for his work as the rap musician Kid Cudi—plays Vassell, a police officer who begins to doubt Godlock’s vindictive intentions.

Though the supporting cast members’ roles are yet unknown, we may anticipate seeing Vinny O’Brien as Anthony Barello Esq., Yoko Hamamura as Ruiz, Harold Torres as Saya, and Catalina Sandino Moreno as Saya.

Who Produces “Silent Night”?

John Woo on the Hard Target set (Image courtesy of Universal Pictures)
Silent Night is directed by the renowned action director John Woo, who is also known for helming some of the best action films to ever grace the big screen, such as Face/Off, Hard Target, Mission: Impossible II, and Broken Arrow.

Two decades have passed since John Woo’s last American feature, which was released a few years ago. Silent Night will have little to no dialogue, so we may anticipate seeing one of his most avant-garde pieces to date.

Robert Archer Lynn, who has written independent genre hits including Adrenaline and Deadbox, wrote the screenplay for the movie.

Along with Christian Mercuri (Kandahar), Lori Tilkin deFelice (Face/Off), Basil Iwanyk & Erica Lee (John Wick), Woo also produces the movie.

More Silent Night-style revenge films
Park-Chan-Wok, Old BoyPicture by Neon
The 2003 film Oldboy Dae-su (Choi Min-sik), a guy, is inexplicably trapped in a room for fifteen years without any reason.

After being let free, his only thoughts are of retaliation and the unquenchable curiosity regarding the identity and intentions of his kidnapper.

The story becomes more intricate as he peels back the layers of the truth. Eventually, he must choose between his capacity for forgiveness and his thirst for revenge.

Oldboy, an action-thriller from South Korea, raised the standard as one of the greatest revenge flicks ever filmed.

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