The release date, cast, plot, teaser, and other details for Mystery of the Tattoo in 2023

Mystery of the Tattoo: 2023 Release Date, Stars, Story, Teaser, and More

The upcoming Hindi thriller mystery drama film Mystery of the Tattoo was written and directed by Kalaiarasi  Sathappa n.

Arjun Rampal and Daisy Shah play the key characters in the film, with Manoj Joshi, Ameesha Patel, Myra Sareen, Tom Hendryk, and Arun Kapur playing minor roles.

Gajinaath Jeyakumar, Kashish Khan, and Anushree Shah are responsible for producing the film under the name Tattoo Film Production. Everything you need to know about Mystery of the Tattoo’s release date, cast, story, teaser, trailer, and more is covered in this page.


Release Date for the Mysterious Tattoo

On September 1, 2023, theaters will welcome the eagerly anticipated Hindi thriller mystery drama Mystery of the Tattoo, starring Arjun Rampal and Daisy Shah.

The Tattoo Plot Mystery


An art student and therapist who relocates to a new apartment building and meets her neighbor is the center of the Mystery of the Tattoo movie’s plot.

But soon after their initial encounter, the girl starts to have frightful psychological and hallucinatory experiences.

She initially dismisses them as stress or anxiety related to her schoolwork, but they keep becoming worse.

She begins to notice dark creatures lurking in the corners of her apartment and hear odd noises. Then she starts having frightening dreams that exhaust her and make her feel lost.

When the girl starts looking into the weird incidents, the shocking reality becomes apparent.

The young girl quickly learns that she has joined a pre-planned game. She is unaware that her new neighbor devised the scheme with ulterior motives.

Teaser for Mystery of the Tattoo

ZEE Music Company published the official teaser trailer for the Mystery of the Tattoo movie on their official YouTube page.


FAQs about the Tattoo Mysteries


What company produced the film Mystery of the Tattoo?

A. The producers of the film Mystery of the Tattoo are Gajinaath Jeyakumar, Kashish Khan, and Anushree.

Who wrote the screenplay for the movie Mystery of the Tattoo?

A. Kalaiarasi Sathappan wrote the script for the film Mystery of the Tattoo.


As a debutant, Rohit Raaj admits, “I Was Really Nervous Before The Shoot Started” in Mystery of the Tattoo.

Actor discusses Mystery Of The Tattoo, among other things, as his acting debut.

Rohit Raaj started off as a young performer. He is acting for the first time as an in the movie Mystery Of The Tattoo.

Arjun Rampal, Ameesha Patel, and Daisy Shah also appear in the movie, which was directed by Kalaiarasi Sathappan and Ganesh Mahadevan.

Today marks the film’s theatrical debut. He was spoken to exclusively by The Free Press Journal.

 Rohit responds, “I have had an amazing journey,” when asked how he views his shift from TV to films.

Even when I was a young performer and while I took a break from school to finish my degree.

Introducing the meaning behind the movie’s title, he says, “There have been a few killings, and the police are seeking for evidence in the shape of partially completed tattoos on the bodies of the victims.

The tattoo’s meaning, the reasons why the victims died, and who will be the next victim are all mysteries.

Rohit describes his persona in further detail, saying, “His name is Vikarn. He is a barrister who is incredibly cool under pressure and very good at making connections. How he becomes entangled in the hunt for the murderer.

Then he talks about his early years as a performer. When my family and friends would see me on TV, it used to be quite exciting, and it felt amazing. My entire experience as a young artist has been nothing but pure bliss.

If this is the field that brings you true enjoyment, work and never stop saying thanks to those who give you opportunity.

However, you should also make sure that you finish your studies and are moving toward becoming well-educated.

As a final question, we asked him if he had any attitude while working as a young artist. I didn’t know this word when I was a kid and I still don’t.

You get lifted from all of these negative things when you are so intent on working to better yourself every day that you understand that there is still more to learn, practice, and perform as a person.

My genuine motto is to just keep working while grinning,” he concludes.


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