Review: Vijay Raaz and Shreyas Talpade carry this suspenseful thriller “Kartam Bhugtam”

“Kartam Bhugtam,” directed by Soham Shah and starring Vijay Raaz and Shreyas Talpade, is a psychological thriller. The movie has certain issues because of its cliched plot. Go through our review.


On May 17, “Kartam Bhugtam” hit cinemas.
Shreyas Talpade and Vijay play the main roles in this Soham Shah-directed movie.
Despite the main actors giving excellent performances, the film’s predictable plot lets it down.


Cast: Madhoo, Aksha Pardasany, Vijay Raaz, and Shreyas Talpade

In charge: Soham P. Shah

Indeed, India is a mysterious country with a wealth of undiscovered resources. The film Kartam Bhugtam, which translates to “what goes around, comes around” or “as you sow, so shall you reap,” examines the age-old ideas of karma and astrology, which are firmly ingrained in our nation. Sohum P Shah, who has directed films such as Kaal and Luck, is the director of this one. Does the movie’s narrative effect the audience even when the plot seems intriguing? Let’s investigate…

Reyas Talpade’s character Dev Joshi travels from Auckland to his native Bhopal in order, with the assistance of his friend Gaurav, to sell all of his possessions. While travelling home, Gaurav meets the astrologer Anna (Vijay Raaz). Anna advises Gaurav to pursue his remedy, even though a renowned doctor has informed him that there is no possibility for his mother to survive. His first forecast, that Gaurav would soon move to Dubai to pursue his dream of becoming a chef, comes true.

Dev now turns to Anna for help after running into difficulties while managing his ancestors’ properties. Anna instructs him to do specific rituals and provides him with cures. With everything falling into place, Dev can see that all of his roadblocks are disappearing. He soon warms up to Madhoo’s character, Anna, his wife, and their son Sameer.

Publication Date: May 17, 2024

Review: Vijay Raaz and Shreyas Talpade carry this suspenseful thriller "Kartam Bhugtam"
Review: Vijay Raaz and Shreyas Talpade carry this suspenseful thriller “Kartam Bhugtam”

In a scene from “Kartam Bhugtam,” a character is seen waiting to watch the most recent episode of “Crime Patrol.” If you enjoy those kinds of shows or “Savdhaan India,” the most recent release will be quite formulaic. It will bring back memories of those summertime satellite flicks you watched in the nineties thanks to its retro plot and style. The talents of Shreyas Talpade and Vijay Raaz keep the movie watchable even though it struggles to keep audiences’ attention and surprise factor constant.

Madhoo and Aksha Pardasany are featured in the thriller, which is directed by Soham Shah of “Kaal” and “Luck” fame and has an astrological and superstitious theme. Talpade, an NRI Dev, is the main character. He returns from New Zealand with the intention of selling his father’s estate. He encounters Anna, an astrologer played by Vijay Raaz, while out trotting around the city with his childhood friend, and is utterly enthralled with him. Dev gets entangled in Anna’s world and even becomes a member of his family, in addition to helping him resolve his property issues. Madhoo, his wife, treats him like a son, while Sameer, his son, views him as an older brother.

It makes you uneasy as Dev begins to totally trust Anna and obey his commands—some of which are ridiculous. His violent demand that the bank employee give him a seven-digit account number or his mad dash across the aisles to get a certain shade of clothing are both odd moments.

You can’t help but sigh at how easily terror can control a person’s head. The movie expertly illustrates how hopelessness grasps at any scrap of hope and how vulnerability looks for solace in unexpected places. Dev is the embodiment of the aam janta, the people who believe in gods, saints, or astrologers and see them as their only hope for success.

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As was previously said, Shreyas Talpade and Vijay Raaz keep your interest throughout the entire movie. After the break, when the real fun starts (spoilers not intended), they both get to tap on a completely different avatar. Madhoo gets to portray two different characters as well, although the effect isn’t as great as we had hoped. Though we hope filmmakers give her greater roles, it’s encouraging to see her back on screen. ‘Jamtara’s’ Aksha Pardasany, who made a lasting impression, remains true to the demands of her character.

Although “Kartam Bhugtam” had a weak delivery, Soham Shah’s previous two suspenseful dramas showcased his skills as a director. The storyline does manage to draw you in at certain points, but not for very long. Though they are reasonably well-designed, the twists and turns are too easy to enjoy. This kind of movie should either end you laughing out loud or shaking in disbelief, but this one’s finale doesn’t really hit home.



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