Plot, Cast, and All the Information Known About The Iron Claw

Plot, Cast, and All the Information Known About The Iron Claw

Although pro wrestling appears to be a rich source material for television and film, there haven’t been many shows that have been both critically and popularly successful until the release of Darren Aronofsky’s The Wrestler (2008) and Netflix’s Glow, which is centred around a group of female wrestlers.

A strange omission, considering the naturally dramatic nature of pro wrestling, it seems.

The Von Erich family is one such instance. The Von Erichs will live in the memories of any wrestling enthusiast worthy of the moniker.

These five brothers, who looked up to their father Fritz Von Erich for inspiration, were all successful athletes.

Plot, Cast, and All the Information Known About The Iron Claw
Plot, Cast, and All the Information Known About The Iron Claw

In the 1970s and 1980s, The Von Erichs ruled the professional wrestling scene.amassing a devoted following and winning numerous regional, national, and international titles between them.

The Plot in The Iron Claw

The Von Erichs’ wrestling manoeuvre of the same name, which gained popularity, is responsible for the Iron Claw’s moniker.

The forthcoming movie will focus on the brothers’ lives and wrestling careers. Kevin was the first of Fritz Von Erich’s sons to enter the professional ranks.

He competed in his father’s matches and earned the moniker “The Barefoot Boy” after going barefoot in one of his first matches.

The brothers David, Kerry, Mike, and Chris followed him; all of them went pro and several of them won world titles.

However, the family had to deal with more bad luck than usual in addition to the demands of stardom.

A severe case of enteritis claimed David’s life in 1984 while he was on tour in Japan. After a routine shoulder surgery the following year, Mike developed toxic shock syndrome.

Both had crippling effects, and the following year he took his own life. Chris, the younger brother, pursued a career in wrestling after his siblings but struggled with brittle bones, ultimately taking his own life in 1991.

Lastly, in 1993, Kerry also took her own life. In 2009, Fritz and the five brothers were inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

The abrasive wrestling environment of The Iron Claw and the close bond between the Von Erich brothers are first shown to viewers in the trailer.

In the first scene of the trailer, a bulky Zac Efron makes his debut as Kevin Von Erich in a wrestling ring.

The trailer opens, “Ever since I was a child, people said my family was cursed,” implying right away that the film’s plot will revolve around the lives, careers, and eventual tragedy that befell the family.

The brothers’ lives were obviously dominated by wrestling; they battled together, leaving a powerful legacy and reputation behind them.

Unquestionably, their father had a significant influence on them, but the teaser also shows that Fritz Von Erich’s authoritarian tendencies ultimately prove to be too much.

The family experiences tragedy after tragedy until they fall apart despite their success and glory.

The Cast of Iron Claw

Leading the cast as Kevin Von Erich is Zac Efron, showcasing his versatility as an actor once more.

Following a relatively quiet couple of years, Efron had a busy 2022, with the premieres of three films in which he starred: The Greatest Beer Run Ever, the Stephen King adaptation Firestarter, and the unconventional dystopian thriller Gold directed by Anthony Hayes.

Speaking with Esquire, co-star Jeremy Allen White discussed Efron’s portrayal of Kevin in The Iron Claw and the commitment required to develop the body required for the part:

Zac is insane. He’s very informed about diet, exercise, and other related topics. I think he kind of blew us all away in terms of his physical transformation. In this, he looks really great.”


Kerry Von Erich, also known as “The Texas Tornado,” was a five-time world heavyweight champion. Jeremy Allen White will play him. White has acted in films like Shameless and The Bear.

Playing David Von Erich will be Harris Dickinson. Following his breakout performance in Eliza Hittman’s Beach Rats (2017), Dickinson gained widespread recognition.

Some of his well-received roles include Triangle of Sadness, which won the Palme d’Or, See How They Run, and Where The Crawdads Sing.

Holt McCallany as Fritz Von Erich, Maura Tierney as Doris von Erich, and Stanley Simons as Mike Von Erich round out the ensemble.

Alongside Lily James as Pam Adkisson, Cazzey Louis Cereghino as Bruiser Brody, Kevin Anton as Harley Race, and Aaron Dean Eisenberg as Ric Flair are the other cast members.

To maintain The Iron Claw’s authenticity, a number of professional wrestlers will be included in the cast.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman, the reigning world champion, has been cast as Lance Von Erich, while Brady Pierce plays Michael Hayes, Chavo Guerrero Jr. plays The Sheikh, and Ryan Nemeth plays Gino Hernandez.


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