Gabru Gang Review: A gripping and poignant kite-flying sports drama

By Gita Samanta May10,2024
Gabru Gang Review A gripping and poignant kite-flying sports dramaGabru Gang Review A gripping and poignant kite-flying sports drama

Gabru Gang, directed by Sameer Khan, stars Srushti Rode and Abhishek Duhan in the key roles.



Producers: Vivek Sinha, Sameer Khan, Aarti Puri, and Ashok Goenka
Sameer Khan is the director.

Cast: Brajesh Tiwari, Mukesh Bhatt, Avtar Gill, Aarti Puri, Abhishek Duhan, Srushti Rode, and Avtar Gill
Theatres are the release platform.

Evaluation: Jyothi Venkatesh

To far, a number of sports-related films have been produced, with a focus on sports including football, cricket, hockey, boxing, badminton, running races, etc. The first kite-flying-based movie ever released globally is called Gabru Gang. The backdrop of Punjab is present in the movie’s narrative. In this movie, Abhishek Duhan, who previously won over audiences with his performances in Mandali, Patakha, Veere Ki Wedding, and Sultan, expertly plays the lead part.

In the movie, Rajbir Saluja, eight years old, competes in the prestigious Hi Fly 1999 kite flying tournament with his pals Arshad and Uday. They win first place and go on to become Punjab’s top team in 2011. Gabru Gang, the best team, becomes everyone’s favourite. However, fate has other plans, as in 2011 Rajbir loses against Harry of the Shehzada team in the championship game when he suddenly loses focus on his sport because he is drawn to a lady. Rajbir ends up quitting the game after a dispute with Uday, and Gabru Gang wins. Rajbir’s life, however, takes a significant turn when he is forced to fly kites once more by fate.

By 2019, Hi Fly has grown to be a well-known brand, and 29 States and 29 teams are competing at the national level. Gabru Gang now needs to put in extra effort since they need to win the Hi Fly 2019 Final Cup and represent Punjab by defeating all other local teams. Rajbir’s greatest obstacle is that he needs to overcome the same Harry who beat him back in 2011. The movie’s finale is gripping and emotionally compelling.

The narrative has been told with a great deal of drama and turns and twists, and it has multiple intriguing layers. The film features stunning background music by Amar Mohile, natural acting by the gifted ensemble, and captivating dialogue that will keep you riveted to the screen. Beyond just sports, Gabru Gang is a fantastic cinematic experience that will allow you to feel a wide range of emotions.

With great skill and finesse, Abhishek Duhan portrays Rajbir with the feeling of a skilled athlete. By residing in their roles as kite players for varied amounts of time, the other performers have all likewise clearly interpreted their parts. Because Arti Puri portrayed Bulbul so organically, the movie’s numerous sequences maintained a high level of tension. Avtar Gill has his moments of expertise.

Kanwalpreet Singh leaves an impression. The other actors have all managed to maintain both a natural and dramatic performance, so director Samar Khan’s efforts look commendable.

As a director, Sameer Khan has skillfully blended emotion and athletics while paying tribute to the film’s narrative. The director has successfully reconciled the drama’s emotional content with athletics. Gabru Gang is a must-see movie that will greatly amuse a variety of viewers. Although kite flying is a very exciting and fascinating sport, it has never been recognised as a special sport. To date, no film has been able to portray kite flying as a sport in such an engaging way.

In conclusion, Gabru Gang is a really moving and captivating sports drama that aims to skillfully combine relationships and emotions. You will remember the Punjabi youth’s swag and flavour long after you leave the cinemas. Daler Mehndi’s song Ban Jaa Gabru is another that will stick in your head and heart for a very long time.


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