“Candy Cane Lane”: Trailer, Cast, and Release Date Information for Eddie Murphy’s Holiday Comedy

“Candy Cane Lane”: Trailer, Cast, and Release Date Information for Eddie Murphy’s Holiday Comedy

Now that Christmas is quickly approaching, it’s time for all of our favourite actors to wear their finest Santa hats and explore the wintry realm of Christmas films.

With roles in films like Last Christmas, Falling for Christmas, Violent Night, and Spirited, actors including Emilia Clarke, Lindsay Lohan, David Harbour, and Ryan Reynolds have found success in the genre in recent years.

Eddie Murphy, a Hollywood star in his own right and alum of Saturday Night Live, has taken up the mantle this year.

"Candy Cane Lane": Trailer, Cast, and Release Date Information for Eddie Murphy's Holiday Comedy
“Candy Cane Lane”: Trailer, Cast, and Release Date Information for Eddie Murphy’s Holiday Comedy

Eddie Murphy has taken on a wide range of roles during his career, from an animated donkey to a human-shaped robot operated by tiny humans.

His lead part in the forthcoming Candy Cane Lane is just one more feather in his storied hat. Here’s everything we currently know about Candy Cane Lane as the excitement for the movie is starting to build like a pot of handmade hot chocolate.

The Candy Cane Lane poster
Lane Candy Cane
In this festive comic escapade, Eddie Murphy plays a guy who is determined to win the annual Christmas home decoration contest in his neighbourhood.

Eddie Murphy’s character Chris unintentionally strikes a bargain with a cunning elf named Pepper (Jillian Bell) in order to increase his chances of winning, and she uses magic to bring the Twelve Days of Christmas to life and ruin the entire town.

Chris, his wife Carol (Tracee Ellis Ross), and their three kids have to work quickly to break Pepper’s spell, take on cunning magical figures, and rescue Christmas for everyone—all at the risk of spoiling the holidays for their own family.

When Will ‘Candy Cane Lane’ Be Released?
Eddie Murphy’s Followee, Ellis Ross, Candy Cane LaneView from Prime Video
Candy Cane Lane is the ideal film to kick off your Christmas month of viewing because it is set for international release on December 1, 2023.

Where’s ‘Candy Cane Lane’ Available to Watch?

Prime Video will be the only place to watch Candy Cane Lane. Prime Video is available for $8.99 a month for individuals without a membership, or it may be purchased for $14.99 a month as part of the entire Prime package.

The clip is brimming with festive charm, as Eddie Murphy is evidently honing his comic skills and getting ready to make us all burst out laughing while eating mince pie.

The day is chaotic, and Murphy’s competitive Chris Carver seems to be giving his life away as the season that should be the happiest of the year starts to wear thin on him.

The trailer’s soundtrack demonstrates exactly what this story will accomplish by giving contemporary music a yuletide feel.

With whom does “Candy Cane Lane” star?

Eddie Murphy, Madsion Thomas, Thaddeus J. Mixson, Genneya Walton, and Tracee Ellis Ross in Candy Cane LanePhoto courtesy of Amazon MGM Studios

What’s the story of ‘Candy Cane Lane’?

Jillian Bell and Eddie Murphy in Candy Cane LanePhoto courtesy of Amazon MGM Studios
The following is the official Candy Cane Lane storyline synopsis:

With a whimsical and exciting storyline, themes common to holiday films will undoubtedly be prominent in the story, as Chris’s drive to triumph causes him to lose sight of the real significance of Christmas.


Though the idea of performing the 12 days of Christmas in real time is not new, seeing such a talented comedic group take on the role is sure to make you laugh a lot.

‘Candy Cane Lane’ Is Made by Who?

Eddie Murphy and Reginald Hudlin on the Candy Cane Lane setPhoto courtesy of Amazon MGM Studios

In addition to appearing in Candy Cane Lane, Eddie Murphy co-produces the film with Doug Merrifield serving as executive producer and Brian Grazer, Karen Lunder, and Charisse Hewitt-Webster, among others.

The script was written by Kelly Younger (Muppets Haunted Mansion), and it has music composed by Marcus Miller (Marshall).

Younger’s childhood memories of wandering the real Candy Cane Lane in El Segundo, California around the holidays served as inspiration for the spec script.

Candy Cane Lane, directed by the seasoned Reginald Hudlin (Marshall), really marks the reunion of Hudlin with Eddie Murphy and the previously mentioned Brian Grazer for the first time in thirty years, following their 1992 hit song Boomerang.

Hudlin stated, “Now that we are family guys living in Los Angeles and we both love Christmas, so once again,

we are making a movie that truly reflects where we are in our lives, and it shows in the work,” in reference to their long-overdue professional comeback.

In what location was “Candy Cane Lane” filmed?

Principal filming for the project began in December 2022 in Los Angeles and lasted for little over three months.

Additional Prime Christmas Films to Watch
George Bailey embracing his relatives. Photo courtesy of Paramount Picture

Here are two more fantastically festive videos that you can watch on Prime Video right now while you wait for Candy Cane Lane to premiere, or if you just need a little Christmas happiness in advance.

It’s A Wonderful Life (1946) – Possibly the classic Christmas movie, It’s A Wonderful Life stars James Stewart as a melancholy businessman named George who, after witnessing what life would be like without him, is lifted out of his misery and begins to believe in Christmas, family, and life itself.

It’s A Wonderful Life is a story of happiness and optimism that will make you smile and remind you of what makes the holidays so unique.

The result is pandemonium. A sequel to the heartfelt and humorous Your Christmas or Mine? is already in the works, and it should be available on streaming services in time for Christmas 2018.


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