Appu Movie 2024: Trailer, Review, OTT, Cast, and Release Date

The movie is a fun diversion into an exciting and fantastical world, but it’s only appropriate for young children.


Release Date of Appu Movie in 2024:Appu is a 2024 Indian comedy-drama, family film, and Hindi-English animation film. The film’s premiere date is April 19, 2024. Archisman Kar and Prosenjit Ganguly directed the film. In order to save his father from the grasp of infamous poachers, the young elephant in the film is forced to overcome great obstacles, travel across the seas, enter a dangerous forest, and uncover his actual abilities.

Release Date of Appu Movie in 2024

Release Date of Appu Movie in 2024

  • On April 19, Appu will be available in theatres. Vandana Kashyap, Rajesh Kava, and Rupa Bhimani performed in this leading part.
  • Cast of the Appu Movie
  • Vandana Kashyap
  • Rajesh Kava
  • Bhimani, Rupa
  • Directors and writers: Prosenjit Ganguly; directors: Ajay Velu; directors: Suresh Raheja; directors: Suraj Raheja; producers: Sanjay Raheja;


Appu Movie 2024: Trailer, Review, OTT, Cast, and Release Date


Directors: Ajay Velu, Archisman Kar, Prosenjit Ganguly


Voice Cast: Samay Thakkar, Anamaya Verma, Trilok Patel, Aarash Diwan, Rupa Bhimani, Sabina Malik, Samay Thakkar, Jasleen Singh, Arjun Bajwa, and Snigdha Sharma

Where: At local movie theatres.


Assessment: **1/2


This 4K animated movie has a visual quality on par with other Hollywood productions of its kind. Viewers are drawn into a captivating world by its lively and vibrant frames, which are delighted with innocence and delight.

The film honours endangered elephants and highlights their predicament. It is narrated in an engrossing, non-linear style. An elephant calf stomps up to confront injustice, a slide tells us at the beginning of the movie. That is Appu, a small elephant possessing great bravery.

Played as a road movie, this endearing short journeys viewers into the magical world of Appu, the playful elephant calf. Jasleen Singh’s portrayal of Appu, a fun and bold character, captivates audiences of all ages with ease. But when tragedy befalls Appu, the story takes a bittersweet turn, sending him into a world full of vicious mercenaries who will test his bravery and willpower like never before.


Samay Thakkar’s portrayal of Appu’s father Kannan sets the scene for Appu’s audacious chase as the story opens with him falling prey to ruthless poachers. He makes an unexpected friendship with Prosenjit Ganguly’s portrayal of Tiger, a stray dog who agrees to support him on his journey, along the road.


The possibilities for this action-packed film become clear as we explore Appu’s life and meet his friends, family, and enemies. Unfortunately, the story lacks intricacy and comes across more as a kid’s simple story than as a fully realised immersive experience.

Everything that was used to make this animated universe came from the natural environments that elephants live in. There are many eye-catching photos available that captivate you with their wide range of colours.


Precisely anthropomorphized, the characters give the story life, and the colour palettes are expertly included to complement each scene’s atmosphere, resulting in a visually stunning experience.
The story may be simple, but it’s filled with heartfelt lessons about commitment, longing, and repentance, which makes it a perfect pick for younger people. But for the more curious kids of today, some parts of the story can seem dated.


While the first half of the script is a touch meandering with rehashed scenarios, the second half picks up steam with creative liberties and cardboard-thin archetypal characters mouthing off-color remarks.

Easygoing, melodious, and poetic are the qualities of Aishwarya Kumaresh’s songs. They give the narrative some zing. Among the songs, “Sibbaba Shibi…” is particularly noteworthy.


Vibrant and contagious is the original background score composed by music director Dipanker Chaki. It improves the watching experience.

While it will only appeal to kindergarteners, all in all, the video is a pleasant escape into a world of adventure and enchantment.

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