All the Information You Need to Know About the Reimagined Superhero Ultraman: Rising

The legendary superhero who battles kaiju gets a makeover.

You’ve never seen Ultraman like this in his more than 50 years of fighting kaiju. You won’t believe who the Japanese hero is taking with him when he makes his animated cinematic debut on Netflix with Ultraman: Rising.
The 1966 television series, developed by Eiji Tsuburaya and Tetsuo Kinjo, marked the beginning of decades of Ultraman appearances. However, the film presents an entirely new Ultraman: baseball player Ken Sato. One of the difficulties Sato encounters is a newborn kaiju that takes a shine to Ultraman and upends his universe, as seen in the new teaser for Ultraman: Rising, which you can see above.

For filmmaker Shannon Tindle (of Lost Ollie), this original idea was the basis for every aspect of Ultraman: Rising. What if I created a character who doesn’t want to be Ultraman, who sort of screws up his job on one of his first adventures, and who then has to adopt his enemy’s child as a result? Tells Tudum Tindle, who co-wrote the movie with Marc Haimes.

When Tindle became a father himself, the idea grew even more alluring. “I think some of the things in the previous versions were a little more generic, and I was like, ‘Uh oh,'” continues Tindle.

Similar to earlier Ultraman films, Ultraman: Rising centres on an apparently ordinary teenage boy with the capacity to change into an enormous superhero. Fans of the show will have a lot to enjoy, but fear not—if you’re not familiar with Ultraman, the new movie presents a recast version of the Earthbound hero, complete with new foes and obstacles to overcome. According to Tindle, “you don’t have to know anything about Ultraman to enjoy this movie.” I hope you will enjoy yourself, laugh, weep, and maybe even grow to love Ultraman in the end. That would also be really great.

See below for additional information about Ultraman: Rising, and keep a watch on the skies for updates regarding the forthcoming animated picture.


All the Information You Need to Know About the Reimagined Superhero Ultraman: Rising
All the Information You Need to Know About the Reimagined Superhero Ultraman: Rising

In Ultraman: Rising, Christopher Sean plays baseball player Ken Sato, who returns to Tokyo amid fresh monster. He adopts the Ultraman persona, carrying on his father’s legacy. One of the many obstacles Ken must overcome is adopting a baby Kaiju. His battle to strike a balance between taking care of the baby monster and defending the city is made clear in a new teaser.


Being an Ultraman requires Ken Sato to learn how to use his new abilities. He battles against every monstrous menace while grappling with self-doubt. In one scene, he fights a kaiju that resembles a dragon over a stadium and gets its egg, which hatches right away. In the teaser, Ken accepts his duty as the kaiju’s “mother” and attempts, albeit ineffectively, to control the young kaiju with his Ultraman powers. He discovers that asking friends for assistance can be beneficial and that taking on many responsibilities can be fulfilling.

There’s also a mysterious foe in Ken’s tale who wants to take advantage of the infant kaiju. Ultraman runs into Dr. Onda (Keone Young), a private military commander who would stop at nothing to get the child, even if it involves flying armed planes over crowded cities. Ken and the infant kaiju have a strong bond that helps them defeat a variety of foes, including giant mechs that wield swords and other creatures.

Why is Ultraman: Rising being made?

An all-star athlete unwillingly returns home to assume the role of Ultraman as growing monster threaten Tokyo, only to find that raising a monster is really a bigger difficulty than facing enormous ones.
Tindle took inspiration for the parent-child dynamic in Ultraman: Rising from an unlikely place. Since Kramer vs. Kramer is one of my favourite films, it served as a major inspiration for this novel from the first, according to Tindle. 

Who plays what roles in Ultraman: Rising?

Ken Sato/Ultraman is portrayed by Christopher Sean (You, Hawaii Five-O, Star Wars Resistance) as the main character. He is joined by the following actors: Keone Young (Crank, Men in Black 3, Star Wars Rebels), Julia Harriman as Ami, Tamlyn Tomita (The Good Doctor, Cobra Kai, Avatar: The Last Airbender) as Emiko Sato, and Gedde Watanabe (Sixteen Candles, Gremlins 2: The New Batch, The Summit of the Gods) as Professor Sato. The film was co-directed by John Aoshima.

When will Netflix start offering Ultraman: Rising?

On June 14, Ultraman: Rising launches on Netflix. See the complete summer schedule here for even more amazing animated flicks to anticipate.



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